PN / FCN Standards of Practice

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Entering into the holy spaces of another person’s life requires a prepared and open individual with the gift of discernment, sharpened by understanding and acceptance of the other, and a maturing journey with God. These moments occur with permission and respect in a trusting environment and under God’s guidance. As people reveal their needs and deep felt fears and desires, it is the privilege of those who give spiritual care to come along side of the individual and listen to the heart and soul of the other.

Spiritual Caregiving means, being able to listen to the journey of another, remaining present in the moment, offering empathy and support appropriately, and identifying spiritual concerns regarding God’s presence. In the process of understanding another’s beliefs about God — their spiritual resources and practices, their openness to share — a relationship of trust is created through which the spirit of one reaches out to the spirit of another. Through the moments of sharing one with another we discover meaning and purpose, the burdens are lifted as needs are addressed, and we experience a sense of relief from the worrisome conditions of life.

The following elements of the PN/FCN practice are paraphrased and summarized from the Standards of Practice listed in Faith Community Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice (2005). They encompass all significant actions taken by registered nurses and the structure for the nurse’s decision-making process.